Cleanroom Tools

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tools (download hier de catalogus!)

Due to years of experience in the cleanroom tooling, Van Mierlo is the right partner for Grade 2 Stainless Steel hand tools for the most critical cleanroom work environment.

Unlike standard chromed tools, the surface of SS tools does not chip or flake, even after being exposed to countless autoclaving cycles or general mechanical use. This is because they are made of homogenous material.

Frequent use does not lead to hair-line cracks. These, to the naked eye, nearly invisible contamination traps are found on chromed tools even after short usage.

Specifications Stainless Steel Tools

– Minimal hardness meets standard hardness of standard tools. This is achieved because of a special hardening process.
– Thousands of regularly occurring steam-pressure-temperature-autoclaving cycles up to 134°C – 2 bar.
– No compromise in functionality.
– All tools are free of oil and grease including fittings and ratchets.

Fields of usage

– Semiconductor industry
– Pharmaceutical industry
– Medical industry

There are applications where tools with standard dimensions and shapes are not ideal or suitable for the intended purpose. In these cases we can provide custom made tools. We can provide according to customer drawings and precise specifications. This is even possible in materials like titanium.

UV-LED Plus Series UV Lamp for cleanrooms. ↓

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